Conflict resolution/mediation

As family companies are usually a mixing between family and business therefore there are many occasions for emotional conflicts of all kind and a potential disturbance of the family peace. Exactly here I can contribute a lot as a mediator, because I’m looking with heart, mind and passion for the best solution for all participants. In this task I can rely on my entrepreneurial thinking as well as on my distinctive feeling for people.

What characterizes a good mediation?
  1. To pick up the people where they are.
  2. To actively work on a balanced compromise.
  3. To move the individuals in direction of a consensual solution, that is at the end of the day the bottom line.

Corporate succession

The issue corporate succession is a complex challenge, because each case is different and can only be treated and solved individually. I’m focusing on four tasks:

  1. Check of future and hand over viability of the company.
  2. Systematic development of successor(s).
  3. Leadership in the transition phase predecessor-successor.
  4. Supporting the successor(s) in the fields of strategy, leadership and organization.


I’m happy to applicate my extensive work and life experience as mentor for the well-being of young people, founder and designated successors in their choice of study and career and their backing on their career path. I support them to use their talents and skills purposeful, to make the right decisions and especially to do things which are delighting their hearts.